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Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Other Stuff You Forget

Do you need to know when someone's birthday is, but you're too embarassed to ask them? Now you can hide your shame and use this page to find out everything you need to know.

Thanks to, you can now send someone a card on their special day and make them think you remembered all on your very own. How did we function before the net came along?

Going to the store to buy something? That's Crazy!!
Send a card from Yahoo! Greetings
Buy a gift from Amazon or Best Buy or Chapters
Send flowers from FTD
There... you're done, and you didn't have to fight the crowds.

Be sure to send me the details of your special day if you want me to post it here. In the interest of protecting people from identity theft, I'm not going to post these dates until the website is password protected.

Please mail me if you have any problems, comments, requests, suggestions, juicy stories, or other insights to share.
You'll notice that I didn't put a link to my email address. That's because that's one way that spammers can get email addresses. They have programs that read them off of websites. So, you'll never see an email address on the pages... at least not in text. So... contact me at the address below: